Product Description
POWER  PLUS combines  a  heavy-duty  detergent,  powerful  bacteriacide and pleasant  deodorizer.    Its  patented  Positive  Emulsion  formulation loosens,  lifts and  suspends  all  types  of  greasy  and  oily  soil  to  give  outstanding  cleaning results. POWER  PLUS comes in a powerful, concentrated form that makes it an effective and economical cleaner for commercial and industrial applications.

Areas of Use
POWER  PLUS is  the  perfect  cleaner  for  wall s,  floors  and  most  other  hard  surfaces such as equipment, furniture and refrigerators etc..

Special Features
>> Superior to other water based products; proven to be as effective as butyl  based solvent cleaners.
>> Patented positive emulsion formulation; safe and biodegradable.
>> Powerful deodorizer kills odours at source, leaving no "hospital smell".

Directions for Use
>> Dilution may vary with specific conditions, general guidelines are:

>> Heavy soil dilute 1:60, apply liberally to surface, scrub         thoroughly, pick up with wet dry cleaner, and then rinse off.

>> Light  soil dilute  1:120,  mop  or  sponge  onto  surface,  agitate  then  mop  wipe off with clean water.At high dilution, removal of the solution is sufficient, rinsing is not required.

As  with  most  chemical  products,  ingestion  and  eye  contact  is  to  be  avoided.Wash  hands  thoroughly  after  use.    If  ingested,  dilute  by rinking  water  andseek medical  help.   If  contacted  with  eye, flush with  water  and  seek  medical help.

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