Our People

Our dedicated, hardworking and multicultural employees unite as one to support and provide the best solutions to our clients and this is what differentiates us from the others. The success of the company is defined by the people we have as they are our greatest asset. It is with determination and dedication of our people that make us one of the leading suppliers in the cleaning industry.

It started only with a small selection of cleaning machines and chemicals sold in Singapore in the early years but Klenco products has increased to be the most comprehensive range in the industry and a successful family business because of its dedicated, trustworthy and hardworking employees not only Singaporeans but also from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, India and Republic of China.The working environment in Klenco is just like in a family where employees potential is maximized and being able to provide an at par quality of service such as honest and professional advice to the customers. Furthermore, as one family we unite to show our care and serve the community through our cleaning expertise and partner with charitable organizations.

While we now have a much bigger setup with over 100 staff in Singapore office, Malaysia and China, with our own chemical factory, high pressure jet production line, warehouses and a fleet of vehicles, the formula has never changed: Quality products, affordable prices and the dedicated service of our people. Furthermore, we believe that all individuals can and want to contribute to their fullest potential and we strive to provide the platform and opportunities for them to grow. With deep commitment to understand and share our clients aspirations, we have built the trust and confidence mutually as we know we are in this together.