Kiekens Airmaster 1200


>> The Kiekens Airmaster is provided with a pre-filter combined with a carbon filter suitable for neutralizing  gasses and odours in most lines of industries.The mobile and stationary Kiekens air cleaners with active carbon filter are eminent quality products with a very long life for industrial applications.

>> Kiekens Power Unit (KPU)
A powerfull Kiekens fan integrated in the ergonomic Airmaster creates an air volume upto 1000 m³/h which eventually combined with an optional 2 or 3 meter length suction arm will take care for an effective extrac.tion at the working place or in the process.

>> Filtration
In order to have a maximum efficiency Kiekens tunes the carbon type for each machine to the application because almost every odour and gas has his own specific characteristic.

>> ATEX Safety cleaners
If an ATEX certified industrial cleaner is essential for the application Kiekens offers - depending of the zone - also an suitable solution.

>> With this unique application targeted approach a maximum efficiency for each Kiekens Airmaster is guaranteed.


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