Duplex 420


A Duplex 420 is a medium sized all-in-one floor scrubber / washer / dryer that makes floor cleaning faster and easier than ever before. Compact size combined with outstanding manoeuvrability and great efficiency in small or large areas makes the Duplex 420 by far the most popular floor cleaner in the Duplex range.

Whether it be a difficult hard floor like profiled tiles or a short pile domestic carpet, this amazing machine can clean them all. With a Duplex 420 there is basically no set up time either. Simply fill the two solution tanks with water, select your floor setting, pull back the handle and start cleaning. It really is that easy.

Featured Benefits:

>> Cleans to the very edge
>> Dual water tanks
>> Steam penetrates deep into pores
>> Dual conveyor belt & brush pick-up
>> Adjustable height
>> Fingertip control

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