Product Description
GF POWDER & GF SOLUTION must be used together to repair and achieve a perfect shine on granite surfaces. Without the need for grinding, these two chemicals recover the original shine of the previously polished granite surfaces and retrieves about 60% of the original shine when the floor has not been previously polished. For regular maintenance, apply GF SOLUTION to keep a high level of shine on previously treated granite surfaces.

Areas of Use
Suitable for all kinds of granite surfaces.

Special features
>> Provides a durable shine resistant to high traffic.
>> Gives non-slip properties to flooring.
>> Useful for both initial treatment and periodical maintenance.
>> Reduced cost per m2.
>> Repairs light scratches.

Directions for use
>> Ensure that the surface is clean and dry.
>> Shake the products before use.
>> Mix approximately 20gm of GF POWDER with 25ml of GF SOLUTION and stir until a  consistent paste is obtained.
>> Spread the paste over an area of approximately 1m2 using a rotary machine.
>> Use a heavy duty polishing machine (at least 38kg and 140rpm) for optimal results.
>> For dark granites, fit the machine with a “0” grade steel wool pad (fine).
>> For medium or light coloured granites, use a white pad.
>> Continue scrubbing until the floor is dry and desired shine level is achieved.
>> For an ultra-shiny finish, re-apply GF SOLUTION with a “0” grade steel wool pad (fine).
>> After shine is achieved, vacuum excess mixture, rinse with clean water and vacuum again.
>> Coverage: Depending on the extent of wear and porosity of the stone, a 100m2 area requires approximately 2kg of GF POWDER and 5lt of GF SOLUTION (presuming two applications of GF SOLUTION).

Note: Always test on an inconspicuous area prior to use.

These two products are acidic. Avoid ingestion, inhalation, eye and skin contact. Flush or dilute with cold water if contacted in any way and seek medical help if ingested or irritation in eye persists.


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