Product Description
VIBRANT is a rich, gentle luxury foam hand wash pre-lathered for a convenient and pleasing experience. Enriched with humectants, emulsifiers, moisturizers and skin conditioners, which transforms into a rich, creamy lather to gently wash away impurities without drying your hands. It’s neutral pH and refreshing fragrance makes it safe and pleasant for regular light duty cleaning leaving hands feeling soft, smooth and lightly scented.

Areas of Use
VIBRANT is highly suited for all general and commercial applications such as homes, offices, cinemas, shopping centres, light industries, general restrooms and other public facilities.

Special Features
• Neutral pH safe for use on hands
• Moisturizers for smooth after wash feel
• Fully biodegradable
• Concentrated for greater economy
• Works with most liquid foam dispensers
• Easy to rinse
• Pleasant refreshing fragrance

Directions for use
To be use only on foam dispenser
- Fill soap dispenser with undiluted VIBRANT.
- Wet hands with water and apply a few press of VIBRANT onto the palm.
- Work up a creamy lather by rubbing hands together.
- Rinse well and dry hands.

Avoid ingestion and eye contact.


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