Product Description
A  floor  burnishing  solution  that  cleans,  removes  dirt  and  black  marks,  and  restores worn areas on floor finishes, thus effectively recoating and protecting the floor. SUN UP  PLUS   uses  thermal tivation  from  the  burnishing  process  to  blend  with  and  relaminate the finish already on the floor. Renews the high gloss “wet look”, hardness and durability of the finish.

Areas of Use
SUN  UP  PLUS  can be used as a spray buff solution with high speed (300-400 rpm) or  ultra  high  speed  (1000-2000  rpm)  burni shing  machines  on  any  floor  already coated with a polymer based floor polish.

Special Features
>> Cleans and reinforces existing floor finish producing a deep and brilliant “wet look” gloss that is extremely durable.
>> Achieves thermal activation with ultra high speed buffing machines for optimum results
>> Easy to use and compatible with most urethane or metal polymer based floor finishes.

Directions for Use
>> Apply undiluted SUN UP PLUS  using trigger sprayer. Spray a light to medium mist over area to be maintained.
>> Burnish with buffing machine using open weave non-abrasive high speed burnishing pad, until a brilliant gloss is achieved.
>> Depending on traffic conditions, spray burnishing with SUN UP PLUS  should be carried out at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Note: This product should not be used with solvent based floor finishes.  Also, some floor finishes are not suitable for ultra high speed burnishing. In such cases burnish with high speed machines only

As  with  most  chemical  products,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact.  If  ingested,  dilute by drinking water and seek medical help. If product enters eyes, flush with water and seek medical help if irritation persists.

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