Product Description
STEEL  SHINE   is  a  metal  cleaner  and  polish  containing  a  blend  of  surfactants  with   special  lubricants.    In  one  easy  operation,
STEEL  SHINE   removes  stains,  oxidation,finger  marks  etc.  while  at  the  same  time  lubricates  and  enriches  the  steel  surface.  It  leaves  a  water  and  stain-resistant  film  to  retard  future  smudging.  The  high  level  of  active ingredients in this formula gives great economy and effectiveness in its use.

Area of Use
STEEL  SHINE   is  ideal  to  use  on  doors,  gate  railings,  lifts,  escalators,  furnitures,  sign  plates,  washroom  accessories,  standing  waste  bins  and  most  other  steel  fittings  and  accessories.

Special Features
>> Easy  to  use.
>> Protective film for easier removal of dirt in next cleaning.
>> High activity for greater economy.

Directions for Use
>> Shake container of STEEL SHINE well before using.
>> Spray-on or pour a little directly to surface to be cleaned.
>> Use  clean  cloth  to  apply  evenly  and  with  enough  pressure  to  remove  stains  and     marks.
>> Polish to a high sheen with another soft, dry and clean cloth.

As  with  most  chemical  products,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact.  Wash  hands thoroughly after use.

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