Product Description
SPOTLIGHT is a premium wax polish with metal cross-link polymers that provides a brilliant clear non-yellowing finish upon application and provides an even higher gloss after ultra high speed buffing. It is extremely hard and durable, ideal for use on floor areas with heavy traffic.
SPOTLIGHT is the perfect high performance, low maintenance finish for most floorings.

Areas of Use
Use SPOTLIGHT with total confidence on vinyl, sealed wood, linoleum and ceramic tiled floors. It is also suitable for stone flooring such as marble, granite and terrazzo.

Special Features
• Provides clear and high gloss upon application.
• Excellent durability against heel and scuff marks, thus reducing maintenance cost.
• Higher gloss can be obtained by buffing with ultra-high speed machines (1000-
2000 rpm).
• Floors that are worn out can easily be repaired by spray buffing with SUN UP PLUS without having to strip the floors.

Directions for Use
- Strip old finishes from floor with a good stripper such as ACTION 150S.
- For uncoated floors, clean thoroughly with a floor detergent such as POWER FORCE or FOUR SEASONS.
- Ensure that the floors are free of alkali residue and completely dry before application.
Pour enough SPOTLIGHT to soak the mop into a clean bucket with wringer. Apply uniform coat using a clean mop. The first coat must not be too thick. Allow 30 - 40 minutes to dry. The coating has dried when the film is smooth and not tacky. Apply subsequent coats as required allowing for 15 - 20 minutes between coats. For new, previously uncoated floors, a third coat is recommended.
- Coverage: 1st coat - 30 to 40 m2/lit * Subsequent coats - 50 m2/lit or higher.
- To maintain finish, dust mop and wet mop daily with mild detergent.
- If a higher gloss is required, spray buff with an ultra high speed buffing machine.
- When finish has dulled, strip the finish thoroughly and recoat the floors as above.

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. If ingested, dilute by drinking water and seek medical help. If product enters eyes, flush with plenty of water and seek medical help if irritation persists.

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