Product Description
SPARKLE  is an effective detergent for removing traffic film that dulls the exterior body of cars. The high dilution rate makes it extremely economical yet powerful enough to produce abundant  suds  for  a  superior  wash.  Specially  fo rmulated  for  foam  or  manual  washing,SPARKLE  provides great foaming and powerful cleaning action to get rid of light grease, oil and soil for streak-free cleaning.

Areas of Use
SPARKLE  is ideal for cleaning of all external surfaces of cars. Use with confidence either for your own car or in commercial car washing bays such as at petrol stations where fast and effective cleaning of cars is expected.

Special Features
>> Superior grease cutting properties for effective soil removal
>> High foaming for greater coverage in lesser time
>> Fast breaking foam to allow easy rinse off
>> Neutral pH and biodegradable
>> Highly concentrated for economical application

Directions for Use
Dilute SPARKLE according to the general dosage guidelines given.

High Pressure Foam wash
>> Dilute 1 part SPARKLE  with 60-100 parts water
>> Attach foam tube to high pressure cleaner and immerse tube into diluted rgent. Usual operation of high-pressure cleaners applies. Spray onto car until foam covers exterior completely. Agitate stubborn stains with sponge if necessary.
>> Rinse away foam with water. Wipe dry with soft cloth.

Manual wash
>> Dilute 1 part SPARKLE  with 40-60 parts water
>> Use a sponge to apply diluted product and agitate onto the surface.
>> Rinse away suds with water. Wipe dry with soft cloth.

As with most chemical products, avoid eye contact and ingestion.  If product enters eyes, flushing  with  water  should  be  sufficient.    If  ingested,  dilute  by  drinking  water  and  seek  medical help.

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