Product Description
手 Shou Green is an environmentally friendly liquid hand soap that meets all criteria requirements by the Singapore Environmental Council.
(Category- Hand Soaps / Certification Number: 068-007-3240)
It is fully biodegradable, contains no hazardous prohibited substances
(TUV SUD PSB Test report: 7191186897-CHM18-EKH) and no toxins as listed in the IARC lists for Group 1 & 2A.
It is gentle on the hands with a neutral pH, contains moisturizer to protect against dryness and fragrance leaving a pleasant refreshing after wash feeling.

Areas of Use
手Shou Green is highly suited for all general and commercial applications such as homes, schools, offices, cinemas, shopping centres, food establishment, light industries and other public areas.
Special Features
• Safe for the environment and users
• Neutral pH
• No toxic preservative
• Fully biodegradable
• Concentrated for greater economy
• Works with most liquid soap dispensers
• Easy to rinse
• Pleasant refreshing fragrance

Directions for use
- Fill soap dispenser with undiluted 手Shou Green.
- Wet hands with water and apply a few drops of 手Shou Green.
- Work up a creamy lather by rubbing hands together.
- Rinse well and dry hands.

Avoid ingestion and eye contact.

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