Product Description
SAFE HANDS is a disinfectant liquid hand cleaner that kills most bacteria and viruses. It utilizes an ingredient that provides excellent long lasting antibacterial activity of up to 7 hours after use. SAFE HAND’S neutral pH and fresh fragrance makes it safe and pleasant for use.

Areas of Use
SAFE HANDS is highly suited for all general and commercial hand cleaning applications such as homes, offices, cinemas, shopping centres, light industries, clinics, food establishments and other public areas.

Special Features
>> Strong anti-bacterial properties last up to 7 hours after use
>> Neutral pH
>> Pleasant fragrance
>> Fully biodegradable
>> Easy to rinse

Directions for use
>> Fill soap dispenser with undiluted SAFE HANDS.
>> Wet hands with water and apply a few drops of SAFE HANDS.
>> Work up a creamy lather by rubbing hands together.
>> Rinse well and dry hands.

Avoid ingestion and eye contact.

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