Product Description
SAFE GEL  is an antiseptic gel type hand cleaner with a pleasant perfume for effective and safe removing of grease and ingrained grime from hands with or without wetting or rinsing with water.

Areas of Use
Suitable for use in garages, machine shops, print shops, marine and petrol industries and other places where hands are subject to heavy soiling of grime and grease. Ideal where water supply is not readily available.

Special Features
>> Easily removes grease, ingrained grime, oil, carbon, duplication and printing ink,  tar, dyes and dirt from hands .
>> Easy to use, does not require pre-wetting or rinsing
>> Contains no abrasives, solvents or causti c materials which damages and irritates skin
>> Antibactericidal agents destroy bacteria, preventing infections and minimizing  industrial dermatitis
>> Fortified with lanolin which leaves skin comfortably soft and clean without defatting or drying of skin

Directions for use
>> Use a small amount of SAFE GEL  and rub thoroughly on both hands
>> After cleaning, wipe dirty residue off with paper towel or clean cloth
>> Wash hands with water before handling food.

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact.

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