Product Description

REVIVE is a powerful, fast acting cleaner containing a synergistic blend of surfactants and acids that penetrates below the surface to lift dirt, soil and grease.

REVIVE is highly effective to remove grout smears, cement haze, hard water stains, lime deposits, rust stains, fungus, soap scum and efflorescence. For use on unglazed ceramic tile, brick, masonry, unpolished natural stone and concrete surfaces not harm by acidic solutions.

Special Features

  • Concentrated for efficient, heavy duty cleaning.
  • Safer to use than most other acidic cleaners.
  • Chemically dissolves cement base residue and haze.
  • Deep cleaning action for lifting of embedded stains.

Directions for use

Rubber gloves and eyes protection should be worn. If chemical comes in contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water.

Test a small area with a 24 hour waiting period to determine the suitability of use and if results are satisfactory before actual application.

Pre-wet surface with water before applying REVIVE. Depending on the cleaning task, you may dilute by mixing with up to 20 parts of water. When diluting, always add acid cleaner to water and not water to acid.

Apply solution and allow it to sit 2-5 mins, agitate with stiff nylon or natural bristle brush or scrub pad to loosen haze, dirt or soil. Do not allow solution to dry on the surface.

Use clean mop to remove the dirty solution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to ensure removal of cleaning solution. If a sealer or impregnator coating is to be applied, neutralize the surface with a product such as POWER PLUS, followed by water, then allow the surface to thoroughly dry before applying.

Note: Not to be used on marble, terrazzo and other types of smooth polished surfaces.


This product is acidic. Avoid ingestion, inhalation, skin and eye contact. Wear rubber gloves and protective clothing when handling, do not use bare hands. If ingested, consume large amounts of cold water to dilute. If product contacts skin or eyes, flush thoroughly with cold water and seek medical help as soon as possible. Allow for adequate ventilation when using. Store in a cool place and keep container sealed.

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