Product Description
ProGreen is a liquid detergent with powerful surfactants that provides
effective cleaning, yet at the same time cares for our environment. Tested
according to strict and rigorous me thods for non-presence of hazardous
ingredients, pH, biodegradeability and other chemical properties in conditions that simulate reality (wastewater, sewage, bacteria), it is approved as a Singapore Green Label  Environmentally Improved Floor Cleaner (013-014).

While formulated primarily as a floor cleaner, ProGreen’s high concentration and safe characteristics allow it to be diluted for use on a wide variety of leaning applications.  Its pleasant fragrance leaves a refreshing scent even after regular usage.

Make ProGreen your Environmentally Friendly choice of detergent cleaner.

Areas of Use
ProGreen  should be used for general cleaning of floors, walls, tables, railings and other hard surfaces.  Due to its neutral pH and non-harmful chemistry, it can even be used safely as a carpet shampoo.  Recommended for commercial venues such as offices, hospitals, cinemas, shopping centres and other public areas,ProGreen is also suitable for homes and light industrial settings.

Special Features
>> Singapore Green Label approved Environment ally Improved Floor Cleaner
>> Safe on environment with no hazardous ingredients. Contains no phosphates,chemical dyes, or other disqualifying listed chemicals
TUV SUD PSB Test Report – S09CHM00085-01-EKH
>> Passes requirements under Ready Biodegr adability Test Procedures as per OECD 301D requirements.
TUV SUD PSB Test Report – S09CHM00085-02-PPG
>> Neutral pH
>> Concentrated for greater economy

Directions for use
>> Dilution
>> 1: 40  for hard floor scrubbing with machines
>> 1: 60  for carpet shampooing
>> 1: 80  for floor mopping / window cleaning
>> Guideline for general cleaning of hard, non-porous surfaces:
>> Light Soil 1:120
>> Medium Soil 1: 80
>> Heavy Soil 1: 20

As with most chemical products, avoid eye contact and ingestion.  If product enters eyes, flushing with water should be sufficient.  If ingested, dilute by drinking water and seek medical help immediately.

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