Product Description
A durable finish made from metal-link acrylic polymers, PREMIUM SILVER provides a shine that lasts through repeated scrubbings with detergent.  It is self-priming and thus economical to use.

Areas of Use
PREMIUM  SILVER   is  ideal  for  general  applications  to  various  floor  types  including  vinyl, rubber, sealed wood, ceramic and homogenous tiles.  Also suitable for quarry tiles and other stone surfaces.

Special Features
>> Optimum solid content of 16%, low enough to use as a sealer on bare floors and high enough to serve as a good finish.
>> Provides a shiny and crystal clear gloss without buffing; does not discolour white or light-coloured floors.
>> No sealer or undercoat is required un less floor is extremely worn and porous.
>> Hard  and  highly  durable  to  detergent  washing  and  heel  marks.  Good  slip resistant properties.

Directions for Use
>> Strip old finishes from the floor with a good stripper such as
ACTION 150 S Foruncoated floors, clean thoroughly with a floor detergent such as POWER FORCE
>> Remove  all  soil  and  water  with  a  wet  vacuum  cleaner  or  mop.    Mop  with  clean water to remove all traces of residue.
>> Allow  floor  to  dry  thoroughly.  For  porous  floors,  apply  2  coats  of  PREMIUM SHIELD sealer first, allowing for drying in between.
>> Pour PREMIUM  SILVER   into  a  clean  bucket  and  apply  uniformly  using  a  clean  mop. Allow about 20 min. to dry then apply a 2nd coat. A 3rd coating should be applied, again only when dry, if no sealer was applied.
>> Estimated coverage: 50~80 m2 /L for 1st coat, higher for subsequent coats.
>> Do not return unused polish from the mopping bucket to the container.
>> To maintain floor, dust mop daily and wet mop with mild detergents regularly.  To improve gloss, spray buff periodi cally with high speed machines and a good  buffing solution such as SUN UP PLUS.  When finish is dulled, strip and recoat the floor again.

As  with  most  chemical  products,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact.  Wash  hands thoroughly after use.

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