Product Description
PREMIUM SHIELD  is a heavy duty acrylic polymer emulsion floor sealer. It forms a tough and transparent film to seal pores and restore, worn and faded floors.

Areas of Use
PREMIUM SHIELD  is ideal for use on marble, terrazzo, vinyl, linoleum and ceramic tiles as an undercoating for floor finishes.

Special Features
>> Excellent leveling and fast drying
>> Clear, non-yellowing, impervious film
>> Provides a highly bondable surface for subsequent application of floor polish
>> Excellent water, detergent and soil resistance
>> Non-slip when dry for greater safety

Directions for Use
>> Old  floor  sealer  and  finish  should  first  be  removed  using  a  good  stripper  such as ACTION  150  S . Unpolished  floors  must  be  thoroughly  cleaned  first  with  a floor detergent such as POWER PLUS
>> Mop or rinse the floors thoroughly with clean water, allow to dry completely.
>> Apply  an  even  coat  of PREMIUM  SHIELD   with  a  clean  cotton  mop.    Allow  15 - 30 minutes for drying and then apply a second coat and again allow to dry.
>> To  provide  a  high  shine,  apply  one  or  more  coats  of  floor  finish  such  as  20  PLUS

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. If ingested, dilute by drinking  water  and  seek  medical  help.  If  product  enters  eyes, flushing  with  water should be sufficient. However, seek medical help if discomfort persists.

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