Product Description
POWER  STRIP-S   is  a  blend  of  high-grade  chemical  solvents  and  biodegradable penetrating  surfactants.  This  product  is  extremely  effective  in  stripping  tire  marks,paints,  inks,  adhesives  and  various  other stains  and  graffiti  from  hard  floors  and surfaces, even concrete and some other semi-porous surfaces. POWER STRIP-S will also  give  fast  positive  results  on  tough  polish  and  wax  build  up  on  certain  types  of  floors.

Areas of Use
This  product  is  highly  recommended  to  remo ve  various  types  of  marks  and  stains found  in  commercial  and  industrial  settings  such  as actories,  workshops,  garages,warehouses etc.POWER STRIP-S  can also be use to strip waxes from vinyl, ceramic and  stone  floors.  Do  not  use  on  solvent-based  coatings  such  as  parquet,  rubber, asphalt, urethane, and epoxy, as gloss will be damaged.

Special Features
>> Effective against the toughest stains and marks where other strippers fail
>> Biodegradable

Directions for Use
>> Dilution rates vary according to job requi rements, general guidelines as follows: Normal polish build-up ~ 5 to 10 parts of water
>> Heavy polish build-up ~ 1 to 5
>> Tire  marks,  or  other  stubborn  stains  on  uneven  surfaces  ~  1  to  3  or  lower  concentrations
>> Apply POWER STRIP-S solution liberally to surface. Allow the chemical to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes.
>> Agitate the surface thoroughly, preferably with a rotary machine and abrasive pad.Pick  up  dirty  solution  with  wet  vacuum  cleaner.    Then  rinse,  mop  or  wipe  with clean water thoroughly at least twice to remove all traces of residue.

As  with  most  chemical  products,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye contact.    If  ingested,  dilute  by drinking water and seek medical help. If product enters eyes, flush with water and seek medical help.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

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