Product Description
A  versatile  and  non-ammoniat ed  stripper  for  heavy  wax and  metallic-interlock  polymer  build-up.  POWER  STRIP-A features economy of use and yet is effective for stripping a wide variety of surface types.

Areas of Use
Use POWER  STRIP-A   to  strip  wax  and  polish  from  a  wide  variety  of  floor  surfaces  such  as  vinyl,  stone,  cement,  ceramic, homogenous,  parquet  and  other  wood  based  floors.

Special Features
>> Fast acting stripping action saves time and labour cost
>> Pleasant fragrance - can be used without interruption to work in offices, hospitals,  schools, factories and other public areas
>> Concentrated for economy of use

Directions for Use
Dilute with water depending on polish build-up to be removed:
Multiple layers of polish ~ 1:4
Medium build-up ~ 1:6
Residual finish, leaving sealer intact ~ 1:8

>> Test on isolated floor area to ensure no adverse effect occurs

>> Spread  solution  on  floor,  allow  to  set  for  about  5  mins.    Scrub  using  a  rotary  machine with black pad for total stripping, or green pad for surface stripping.  Do not use machine agitation for wood floors, just mop. Vacuum up the residue with a wet/dry cleaner.

>> Mop  and  rinse  thoroughly  to  remove  al l  residue.  Allow  complete  drying  before  applying a good sealer or finish such as PREMIUM SHIELD or 20 PLUS

As  with  most  chemical  products,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact.    If  ingested,  dilute by drinking water and seek medical help.  If product enters eyes, flush thoroughly with water and seek medical help.

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