Product Description
A quaternary based multi purpose degreaser, POWER SANLENE rovides excellent general  cleaning  for  all  types  of  hard  surf aces  and  broad  spectrum  disinfecting against most common bacteria.  It also contains a refreshing sidual perfume to act as a positive indicator that cleaning has been performed.

Areas of Use
POWER   SANLENE is   designed   for   use   in   commercial  buildings,   institutions, hospitals, industrial plants and other public areas with high human traffic.

Special Features
>> Combines 3 synthetic detergents to lift, emulsify and hold soil in suspension
>> Safe to use: non-staining to ordinary surfaces, non-corrosive to most metals,detergent base classified biodegradable
>> Excellent performance in cold, hot, hard & soft water
>> Disinfecting  properties  make  it  suitable  for  areas  prone  to  bacterial  intrusion  such as sickbays, canteens and latrines

Directions for Use
>> Application  can  be  by  mopping  or  scrubbing.  Dilution  depends  on  area  and  surface to be cleaned.
>> To  clean,  disinfect  and  deodorize  walls,  floors  and  other  similar  non-porous surfaces, dilute 1:80
>> To thoroughly clean, disinfect and deodorize cement block, scarred furniture and
other similar porous and heavily contaminated surfaces, dilute 1:50

As  with  most  chemical  products,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact. Wash  hands thoroughly after use.


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