Product Description  
A  multipurpose  cleaner  designed  for  the  widest  variety  of  applications,  POWER  LEMON  is  strong  enough  for  floors,  kitchen  walls,  toilets,  cars  and  other  common  areas;  yet  gentle  enough  for  skin  and  hands.    POWER LEMON is also extremely economical; just a little will produce abundant suds to efficiently suspend grease, oil and soil for streak-free cleaning.

Areas of Use
POWER  LEMON   is  an  ideal  general  cleaner  for  practically  all  hard  surfaces such   as   windows,   tiled   walls   and   floors,   bathroom   surfaces,   plastics, paintwork,  metals,  textiles,  cutlery  and  dishes.    It  can  also  be  used  as  liquid  hand soap.

Special Features
>> Advanced synthetic liquid detergent formulation
>> Fully    biodegradable
>> Non toxic preservative and phosphate free
>> Highly versatile cleaner effective for most applications, yet its neutral pH  makes it safe for use on skin and hands
>> Mixes easily with soft or hard water and rinses away easily

Directions for Use
Dilution  depends  on  the  severity  of  the  cleaning  job  to  be  done.    General rates are:
>> Dishes, glassware and windows - 1:80
>> Floors, cars, paintwork and general cleaning - 1:40

Application  is  usually  by  mop,  sponge,  pad  or  brush.    Agitate  or  scour  to loosen baked on or stubborn stains.  Rinse, wipe or vacuum off solution after cleaning is done.  Better results can usually be achieved with warm water.

As with most chemical products, avoid eye contact and ingestion.  If product enters  eyes,  flushing  with  water  should  be  sufficient.    If  ingested,  dilute  by drinking water and seek medical help.


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