Product Description
A   revolutionary   housekeeping   detergent   concentrate, POWER   FORCE    uses   a patented  "super  wetting"  technology  to  lift  dirt  and  oil  200%  faster  than  ordinary water-based products.  This makes it a more effective and economical cleaner.

Areas of Use
POWER  FORCE   should  be  used  on  walls,  basins,  appliances  and  most  hard  surfaces  such  as  marble,  granite  and  coated  wooden  floors  at  shopping  centres,  theatres,  hospitals,  hotels,  schools,  office  buildings,  factories,  warehouses  and  military complexes.

Special Features
>> “Super Wetting” technology; US patent # 4264479
>> Supersafe HMIS & WHMIS ratings; detergent base classified biodegradable
>> Relatively neutral pH; non-staining and safe on ordinary surfaces and finishes
>> Controlled foam makes it suitable for use with all cleaning machines
>> Superior  soil  dispersal  when  wringing  /  rinsing,  leaves  applicator   cleaner  for  next pass
>> Leaves a pleasant fragrance behind after use
>> Does not contain any phenolic compound; Test report #S08CHM04724-CYT

Directions for Use
POWER FORCE  can be used with cold or hot, hard or soft water. Dilute accordingly:
>> Heavy soil ~ dilute 1:12-20
>> Normal soil ~ dilute 1:40-60
>> Light soil ~ dilute 1:100-150

For thorough cleaning, apply to surface then agitate with a hand held brush or pad or use a scrubbing machine.  Then pick up dirty residue with a wet / dry vacuum cleaner. Rinse or mop well with clean water. For mopping, rinsing is not required if using at high dilution.

As  with  most  chemical  products,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact.    Wash  hands thoroughly after use.

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