Product Description
POWER  FLORAL  is specially developed for masking of heavy and obnoxious odours. The  quaternary  type  germicidal  system  and  non-ionic  detergent  blend  in  POWER FLORAL  also provides excellent cleaning and disinfecting properties.

Areas of Use
POWER FLORAL  is effective for both heavy duty deodorizing in places such as toilets, locker  rooms,  refuse  centres  and  also  fo r  general  cleaning  in  public  transport  stations,hospitals,  institutions  and  other  areas  where  a  hygienic,  pleasant  environment  is  required.

Special Features
>> Suited for both heavy duty odour masking and general cleaning & disinfecting
>> Effective against strong odours caused by bacterial decomposition of organic matter
>> Pleasant floral scent lingers on long after use
>> Strong disinfectant properties make it suitable for toilets and other areas prone to bacteria

Directions for Use
Various methods of application and dilution rates may be employed, depending on the job to be done.  General recommended dilution ratios:

>> Spraying on disagreeable objects and areas as odour mask ~ 1:4
>> General mopping / wiping of walls, floors and public areas ~ 1:40
>> Cleaning / deodorizing of toilet surfaces and other enclosed areas ~ 1:80
>> Adding to carpet shampoo for deodorizing / disinfecting carpets ~ 1:120

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. If product enters eyes,flushing  with  water  should  be  sufficient.    If  ingested,  dilute  by  drinking  water  and  seek medical help.

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