Product Description
A heavy-duty product for dissolving scale and rust from pipes, equipment, urinal gutters   and   floors   where   calcium   and   magnesium   deposits   have   formed.POWER  DELIMER   also  removes  mortar  and  cement  left  on  concrete  and  ceramic  floors  after  construction  work.  Dirty  and  stained  mosaic  and  concrete  floors can also be cleaned effectively.

Special Features
>> Effective and fast reaction.
>> Can  be  used  on  most  metal  and  stone  surfaces,  except  aluminium, magnesium, marble, terrazzo etc.

Directions for Use
Dilute POWER  DELIMER  with  cold  water  only,  add  product  to  water  and  not vice-versa

>> Heavy scale - dilute 1:3
>> Normal scale - dilute 1:8
>> Light scale - dilute 1:15

Apply  product  to  surface  by  mop,  brush  or  acid-resistant  sprayer.  Allow chemical reaction to take place for about 1 minute.  Scrub or agitate well, then rinse thoroughly with water.

NOTE:  Use POWER  DELIMER  for  one  time  use  on  severe  build-up,  and  not as  a  regular  cleaning  solution.  It  will  etch  marble,  terrazzo  and  other  types  of smooth or polished surfaces. If unsure about suitability of POWER  DELIMER ,test on inconspicuous area to ascertain if surface is adversely affected.

This product is highly acidic. Avoid ingestion, inhalation, skin and eye contact.Do  not  use  bare  hands  to  handle  this  product.  Wear  rubber  gloves  and protective clothing when handling. Allow for adequate ventilation when in use. If ingested, consume large amounts of cold water to dilute. If product contacts skin or eyes, flush thoroughly with cold water and seek medical help as soon as possible. Store in a cool place and keep container sealed.

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