Product Description
POWER   BURST    is   a   uniquely   formulated   emulsion   for   high   performance   foam  reduction suitable for use in all types of cleaning detergents. It has a very high activity,thus providing economical usage.

Areas of Use
POWER  BURST   is  used  in  cold/hot  water  carpet  extraction  machines,  ride-on/auto scrubbers  and  wet  vacuum  cleaners.  Foam  build-up  in  the  recovery  tanks  of  such machines during use will cut off the vacuum motor prematurely before the solution level has reached the maximum capacity of the container, or worse, damage the motor.  The use of POWER BURST will ensure that the machine can be used to vacuum solution to its limit without foam.

Special Features
>> Compatible with all cleaning detergents
>> Highly concentrated for greater economy

Directions for Use
>> Add  a  few  drops  of POWER  BURST   to  the  recovery  tanks  of  carpet  extraction machines, ride-on/autoscrubbers and wet vacuum cleaners before use.  The detergent will automatically kill the foam as the dirty solution enters the tank.
>> For even better results, and also to reduce foam build up in fabric,
POWER  BURST can also added to the detergent tank of carpet extraction machines.

POWER  BURST can  be  used  for  floor  drainage  holes,  sinks,  or  baths  where  excess  foam is causing drainage problems.

As  with  most  chemical  products,  avoid  ingestion  and  contact  of  eyes.  Wash  hands thoroughly after use.

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