Product Description
POWER  BRITE   is  a  medium  strength  acidic  cleaner  with  surfactants  for  removal  of  oxides,  rust  stains,  fungus  and  light  oil  deposits  from  concrete, mosaic, and quarry tiles on floors and walls.

Applied properly and with care, POWER  BRITE can also be used to clean and brighten certain aluminium and stainless steel surfaces.

Special Features
>> Efficient and economical removal of rust, oxides, deposits and most other heavy stains.
>> Suited for more regular usage than most acidic cleaners, care must still be exercised.

Directions for use

>> Dilute with 3 to 8 parts of cold water, depending on amount of oxide film,  grease and soil to be cleaned from the surface.  Add product to water and not vice-versa.
>> Apply by mop, brush or acid-resistant sprayer. Start with a small central area of total surface and work outwards. Let solution act on the surface for 1 to 2 minutes   then agitate briskly with a brush or scrubbing machine.  Flush thoroughly with water. Do not let solution dry on the surface.
>> Renovated surface should be regularly maintained with an alkaline
detergent, such as EASY CLEAN or ACTION 130
>> POWER BRITE  may be used to clean and brighten certain grades of stainless steel and aluminium. Consult your KLENCO representative or distributor for usage directions. Incorrect use will result in damage to the surface.

Note:POWER  BRITE   will  etch  marble,  terrazzo  and  other  types  of  smooth  or  polished  surfaces.  If  unsure  about  suitability  of POWER BRITE ,  test  on  an  inconspicuous  spot  to  ascertain  if  surface  is  adversely affected.

This  product  is  acidic.  Avoid  ingestion,  inhalation,  skin  and  eye  contact.Do not use bare hands to handle this product, wear rubber gloves and protective clothing when handling.  If ingested, consume large amounts of cold water to dilute.  If  product  contacts  skin  or  eyes,  flush  thoroughly  with  cold  water  and seek medical help as soon as possible.  Allow for adequate ventilation when using.  Store in a cool place and keep container sealed.

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