POWER BLOT  is a breakthrough in spot and stain removal technology. It is effective on water-based  stains  such  as  liquor,  juices,  coffee,  caramel,  chocolate,  catsup,  even iodine  and  other  hard  to  remove  stains  on  found  on  various  fabrics. POWER  BLOT  is  packaged conveniently in ready-to-use applicators.

Areas of Use
This safe, colourless formula works quickly on all fabric, carpet and upholstery in offices and even in homes.

Special Features
>> Ready-To-Use squeeze bottle pack.
>> Safe on most carpets and other fabric.
>> Removes most stains - even Iodine.

Directions for Use
>> Apply POWER BLOT  to stain.
>> Lightly agitate stain with brush or towel.
>> Blot fabric or carpet with a dry towel.
>> Repeat  steps  if  necessary.

Note:  Due  to  the  variety  of  fibres  and  colours  available,  user  should  perform  own testing on an inconspicuous spot first before use.

As with most chemicals, avoid ingestion and eye contact. If ingested, dilute by drinking water  and  seek  medical  help  if  necessary.  If  product  enters  eyes,  flushing  with  water should be sufficient. Seek medical help if scomfort persists.

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