Product Description
POWER  BAC is formulated with mild mineral acids for maximum stain removal, and thickened  to  reduce  wastage  for  effective  and  economical  cleaning.  It  has  a  broad-spectrum  disinfectant  that  neutralizes  most  bacteria.OWER  BAC  also  has  a  pleasant masking perfume, making it the ideal product for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing toilet bowls and other septic areas.

Areas of Use
POWER BAC  can be used with confidence to clean toilet bowls, urinals, gutters and other porcelain septic surfaces.

Special Features
>> Combines powerful, acidic cleaning agents and surfactants to remove   stubborn stains
>> Specially thickened for “clinging” effect to clean vertical surfaces
>> Strong  disinfectant  kills  common  bacteria  found  in  toilets,  yet  does  not  harm septic tanks
>> Leaves a fresh, lingering scent after use

Directions for Use
>> Flush toilet bowl.
>> Pour some POWER  BAC  into  bowl,  and  on  surfaces  to  be  cleaned.  Allow  product to react for 5-10 mins. Then wet toilet brush with bowl water and agitate areas to be cleaned.
>> Wash  the  brush  in  the  bowl  and  flush  again.  Rinse  area  where  flush  water doesn't reach.
>> Follow same procedure of flush, apply chemical, brush / scrub and flush  again for cleaning urinal slab, gutter, floors and walls.
>> For removing stubborn stains, pour POWER BAC onto stain and scrub  vigorously with black nylon pad.

This product is mildly acidic. Prevent excessive skin contact and excessive inhalation by wearing rubber gloves and ensuring adequate ventilation.  Avoid ingestion and eye contact. If product enters eyes, flush thoroughly with cold water and seek medical help as soon as possible.  If ingested, consume large amounts of cold water to dilute and seek medical help. Avoid using on plastic,formica, marble or other surfaces susceptible to acids.

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