Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid

Product Description
KRYSTAL is an economical dishwashing liquid made with carefully selected mild surfactants that provides effective cleaning to cut through grease and grime and yet gentle on the hands. Its’ lemon fragrance makes it pleasant for regular usage giving dishes a refreshing after scent.

KRYSTAL is also formulated with powerful antibacterial agent to rid off common bacteria that may be present on the dishes leaving dishes as clean as can be giving peace of mind for the next use of your dishes.

Areas of Use
KRYSTAL is highly suitable for all manual hand dishwashing applications in all food and beverage establishments.

Special Features
• Antibacterial properties for effective efficacy against most common bacteria
• Neutral pH and mild surfactants makes it safe for use on hands
• Fully biodegradable
• Concentrated for greater economy
• Easy to rinse
• Pleasant lemon fragrance

Directions for use
- Wet dishes with water and apply a few drops of KRYSTAL.
- Work up a creamy lather by rubbing dishes with a scrubbing pad.
- Rinse well and let dry dishes on tray.

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