HP 710


Product Description
A broad spectrum biocide developed specially for the control of microbiological fouling in watersystems. It is effective in preventing the build up of microbiological slimes and can also be used anaerobic bacteria, algae and fungi.

Special Features
>> Fast killing biocide.
>> Excellent pH stability ranging from pH 5 to pH 12.
>> Has visible bleaching effect against a mixed culture of algae and highly effective at removing bacterial slimes from surfaces.
>> Corrosion inhibiting properties makes it safe on most metals.
>> Effective against gram positive bacteria, yeast and mold.

Effective Algae Strains:
Oscillatoria geminate, Nostoc spec, Phormidium foveolarum, Chlorella vulgaris Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Scenedesmus spec,Ulothrix subtilissima, Tribonema aequale.

Effective Fungi Strains:
Aspergilus niger, Aspergilus phoeni cis, Penicillium funiculosum, Aitemaria altemata Cladosportium cladosporiodes, Candida albicans,Endodomyces pullulans, Chaetomium globosum.

Effective Bacteria Strains:
Pseudomonas putida, Streptococcus faeciu m, Norcardia sp, Lactobacillus lactis Escherichiamonocytogenes,Streptococcus lactis, Streptococcus aureus.

Directions for use
>> Dilute with water only. Dilution rates may vary depending on strains, general guidelines are:

Avoid ingestion, inhalation, eye and skin contact.

Flush or dilute with cold water if contacted inany way, and seek medical help if ingest ed, inhaled or contacted with eye.

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