Product Description
GRANITE GLOSS is a metal cross-linked polymer burnishing solution formulated specially for granite surfaces. Used with an ultra-high polishing machine, this special spray-buff cleans and produces a high gloss to finished granite. Urethane isadded to provide extreme resistance to heel and scuff marks to further enhance the durability of the shine provided by GRANITE GLOSS.

Areas of Use
As its name implies,GRANITE  GLOSS is  specially  meant  for  use  on  all  finished granite surfaces such as floors, walls, counters, table and vanity tops.

Special Features
>> Urethane based formula for added durability.
>> Good anti-slip properties.
>> Compatible for use with ultra high speed machines (1000 - 2000 rpm).  >> Leaves a refreshing fragrance after use.

Directions for Use
>> Clean surface with a neutral detergent such as FOUR SEASONS.
>> For badly   worn   surfaces,   do   initial   polishing   with  GF CREAM and GF POWDER .
>> Apply undiluted with trigger sprayer over area to be restored.
>> Burnish  with  an  ultra  high  speed  machine  and  light  coloured  /  low abrasion pad until level of gloss desired is achieved.
>> Use GRANITE GLOSS  as part of a maintenance regime, for eg, twice  weekly depending on foot traffic, to maintain shine.
>> Repeat  process  from  stripping  again  every  3-6  months,  depending  on  traffic wear.

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact.  Wash hands after used.

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