Product Description
envon DISINFECTANT  SPRAY is  a  germ-killing  spray  for  use  on  hard  surfaces  in  reception areas, toilets, locker rooms, garbage areas, telephones, table tops, musical instruments, etc. It is suitable for controlling mould in shower stalls, book shelves, clothes, bed linen and books. envon DISINFECTANT   SPRAY effectively   eliminates   unpleasant  odours  and leaves a lingering fragrance after use, making it ideal as a simple air freshener.

Areas of Use
envon DISINFECTANT SPRAY is  perfect  for  use  in  homes, offices, hotels, schools, theatres, public buildings and wherever a healthy and pleasant  environment is desired.

Directions for Use
Shake can well before use.
>> To disinfect, spray on surface for about 3 seconds. Allow to air dry or wipe off after a minute or more.
>> To control mould, spray on dry, pre-cleaned surface until well covered with mist.
>> To deodorize, spray in area as required.

>> Avoid  contact  with  eyes  or  food.  If  contacted  with  eyes,  flush  with  cool  running  water  and  seekmedical help if discomfort persists.
>> Do not spray on naked flame or any incandescent material. Keep away from sources of ignition.
>> Do not pierce or burn the can even when empty.
>> Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 0°C. drocarbon used as propellant.

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