Product Description
EASY CLEAN is a water-soluble general purpose detergent that contains powerful grease cutting solvents.Its fast,effective cleaning action makes it economical to use both material and labour wise,while a citrus perfume masks the solvent odours and makes it pleasant to use.

Areas of Use
EASY CLEAN should be used to remove oil,grease and soil from factory equipment,tools,floors,walls,vehicle chassis,road signs,fan ducts and other industrial surfaces.

Special Features
>> Product is highly user-friendly.
>> Non-flammable
>> Non-volatile
>> Produces no toxic fumes
>> Biodegradable
>> Product is soluble in both soft or hard water
>> Safe for use on a wide range of surfaces not affected by water, even on aluminum, formica and woodwork
>> Leaves no oily film after cleaning
>> Pleasant citrus fragrance

Directions for Use
>> Dilution rates vary according to specific conditions.General guidelines are:
>> Regular cleaning of cars, buses and trucks - 1:80
>> Periodic cleaning of aluminum surfaces,woodwork,road signs - 1:20
>> Cleaning of heavily soiled concrete,factory and garage floors,work benches,greasy engines, batteries - 1
>> Apply by spraying,sponge or cloth;scrub or agitate if necessary;then wipe clean or rinse.For heavy grease such as on machine parts and tools,soaking method may be used.

As with most chemical products,avoid ingestion and eye contact.Wash hands thoroughly after use.

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