Product Description
CLEAN   BRIGHT contains   a   blend   of   acids   and   surfactants   to   provide exceptional  cleaning  and  surface  renovation  efficiency.  Specially  developed  for removing  heavy  build-up  of  oxide  films,  fungus,  and  light  deposits  of  oil  and  grease, surfaces look like new again after cleaning.

Areas of Use
Use CLEAN  BRIGHT on  concrete,  mosaic,  glazed  quarry  and  ceramic  tiles  on floors and walls.

Special Features
>> Effectively  cuts  down  heavy  build-up  of  oxide  films,  fungus,  and  light deposits of oil on various hard surfaces.
>> An excellent cleaner and brightener of certain aluminium and stainless steel surfaces (see Directions for Use below).

Directions for Use
>> Dilute CLEAN  BRIGHT with  5-10  parts  of  water,  depending  on  amount  of   soil  to  be  cleaned.  For  oily  or  heavily  soiled  surfaces,  preliminary  cleaning with  a  mild  alkali  detergent  like  EASY  CLEAN  or POWER  FORCE  is recommended.
>> Apply by mop, cloth or acid-resistant sprayer. Spread over dirty floor surface.
>> Let  solution  act  on  the  surface  for  1  to  2  minutes,  then  scrub briskly  with  a brush or scrubbing machine and flush thoroughly with water.
>> Do not allow solution to dry on the surface.
>> After renovating surface, maintain regularly with alkaline detergents.
>> CLEAN  BRIGHT   may  also  be  used  to  clean  and  brighten  certain  grades  of stainless   steel   and   aluminium. Consult your KLENCO representativeor distributor for usage directions.

>> NOTE: Incorrect use will result in damage to the surface. Use CLEAN  BRIGHT  for one time use on severe build-up, and not as a regular cleaning solution. It will etch marble, terrazzo and other types of smooth or polished surfaces. If e about suitability of CLEAN BRIGHT, test on an inconspicuous spot first.

This  product  is  acidic.  Avoid  ingestion,  inhalation,  skin  and  eye  contact.  Wear rubber   gloves   and   protective   clothing   when   handling.   Allow   for   adequate ventilation.  If ingested, consume large amounts of cold water to dilute. If product contacts skin or eyes, flush thoroughly  with cold water and seek medical help as soon as possible.  Store in a cool place and keep container sealed.

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