Product Description
A  powerful  carpet  cleaner  formulated  for  rotary  brush  shampoo  machines,  or  reel  type dry  foam  machines.CAMPAIGN  combines  a  detergent  complex  with  a  specially  prepared  blend  of  low-toxicity  glycol  ether  solvents,  giving  maximum  cleaning  power  at minimum cost. It easily releases imbedded soil, lifting oil and other stains from the fibers in carpet.

Areas of Use
CAMPAIGN  can be used confidently on most carpets with common fibres like cotton,wool, acrylics, nylon and polypropylene.

Special Features
>> Safe to use – neutral pH and contains no chlorinated solvents or bleaching agents.
>> Does not stain or discolour most common synthetic & natural fibres
>> Optical brighteners help restore fibres to their original lustre and colours.
>> Pleasant fragrance.
>> Effective with hot or cold water, biodegradable.

Directions for use
>> Dry vacuuming on a regular basis is strongly recommended for carpet. Otherwise,  vacuum just before any form of wet cleaning is done.
>> Use a good quality stain remover such as POWER SPOTTER to pre-treat large or deep stains.
>> For  rotary  brush  shampooing,  apply  moderate  amounts  of  solution  as  cleaning progresses.
>> Dilution
>> Light cleaning- 1:50
>> Normal cleaning - 1:30
>> Heavy cleaning - 1:10
>> For dry foam machine, apply foam to small workable areas to ensure it does not dry  out  before  cleaning.  Dilution  at  1:20.  Allow  drying  &  vacuum  up,  preferably with a pile lifter, crystallized soil on fibres.

Note:CAMPAIGN should NOT be used for spray extraction cleaning. Overwetting of carpet may cause shrinkage and browning. This is not due to the detergent.Due to the variety of fibres and colours available, always test on an inconspicuous area first.

As  with  most  chemicals,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact.  If  ingested,  dilute  by drinking  water  and  seek  medical  help  if  necessary.  If product  enters  eyes,  flushing with water should be sufficient. However,seek medical help if discomfort persists

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