Product Description
Autova  is a powerful detergent for cleaning floors where heavy soil and stains are usually found.  It is formulated with low foam surfactants, making it especially suitable for use with autoscrubbers, or wet/dry vacuum cleaners after other forms of mechanical scrubbing.  Foam does not build up in the recovery tank, and so does not inhibit tank capacity or damage the vacuum motors.

It also has a pleasant fragrance that provides a refreshing scent after cleaning the floors.

Areas of Use
Autova is highly suited for mopping or mechanical scrubbing of floors in all industrial and commercial applications such as factories, warehouses, shopping malls, train stations and other public areas.

Special Features
>> Low foaming, easy to rinse and ideal for vacuuming
>> Non-acidic, thus non-corrosive on metal parts of cleaning equipment
>> Surfactants used harmless to plastics and other parts found on cleaning equipment
>> Pleasant lingering fragrance
>> Concentrated for greater economy

Directions for use
>> Dilute according to ratios below  for mopping, wiping or scrubbing
>> 1: 60  for heavy soil
>> 1: 80  for medium soil and periodic cleaning
>> 1:120  for light soil and regular maintenance cleaning

Avoid ingestion and eye contact.

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