Product Description
>> AQ  CHLOR is  liquid  chlorine  detergent  for use  on  a  large  scale  surface purification,bleaching,  odor  removal  and  disinfection  where  hygiene  and  non -contamination environment is highly demanded such as in hospitals and institutional works. AQ CHLOR contains 5.25% active chlorine and is effective against many bacteria and some viruses, and is often the disinfectant of choice in cleaning hard surfaces, which comprises of medical instruments in hospitals and ambulance.

>> Bleaches gently and disinfect thoroughly.
>> Ease of application by soaking instruments in the aqueous disinfectant solution.
>> High stability of bleaching agent requires no additional dosing. Thus less corrosive.
>> Chemo-thermal disinfectant recognition.

>> Pour AQ CHLOR into a suitable receptacle such as a basin. The instruments to be sterilized and disinfected should be soaked in the solution for about 15 minutes at room temperature.Prior to use, wash the instruments with sterile distilled water.
>> For hard surfaces such as tables and floors, use AQ CHLOR according to the dosage guidelines given and remove thoroughly by an ethanol disinfectant.

>> Soaking of instrument:use as it is
>> Heavy soiled hard surfaces:use as it is
>> Light soiled hard surfaces:1: 2

As  with  all  chemical  products,  ingestion  and  eye  contact  is  to  be  avoided.  When  handling product, normal work clothing covering arms and legs shall be worn.  Avoid using it to clean urine spills and metalsurfaces.

Store  in  a  cool  area  and  avoid  direct  sunlight.  Containers  of  unused  product  must  be  kept close at all times.

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