Product Description
ACTION  170S  is  a  liquid  detergent  specially  formulated  for  use  with  carpet  and upholstery  spray  extraction  cleaning  machines.  Blended  with  powerful  soil  emulsifiers,optical  brighteners,  anti  foaming  agents  and  a  pleasant  perfume,ACTION  170S is  the ideal multi-function chemical product to use on carpet and upholstery.

Areas of Use
ACTION  170 S  safely  and  effectively  cleans  most  common  natural  or  synthetic  fibres.Use  on  carpets,  rugs,  floor/entrance  matting,  sofas,  fabric  chair  seats  and  backs,cushions and fabric automobile upholstery.

Special Features
>> Contains no chlorinated solvents or bleaching agents- does not stain or discolour ommon fabric like cotton, wool, acrylic, nylon and polypropylene.
>> Suitable for both hot or cold water extraction.
>> Low foaming to allow easy rinsing of fabric.
>> Optical brighteners restore fibres to their original lustre and colours.
>> Leaves a pleasant fragrance after use.
>> Fully & rapidly biodegradable.

Directions for Use
Dry  vacuuming  regularly  and  just  before  spray  extraction  is  always  recommended.  If there are heavy or deep stains, pre-treat the stain with a good stain remover such as POWER SPOTTER prior to cleaning.
>> Normal soils, dilute 1:80 with water
>> Heavy soils, dilute 1:50 with water

Note: Over wetting of carpet may cause shrinkage and browning. This is not due to the detergent.Due  to  the  variety  of fibres  and  colours  available,  always  test  on an inconspicuous area first.

As  with  most  chemicals,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact.  Wash  hands  thoroughly  after use.

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