Product Description
An  effective  yet  economical  stripper  for  metal  cross-link  floor polishes  as  well  as regular  floor  finishes  and  waxes, ACTION  150
combines  quick  stripping  power  with instantaneous  detergent  action.    No  offensive  odour  is  left  after  use  as  this  product
does not contain any solvents.

Areas of Use
ACTION  150   is  highly  recommended  for  use  on  vinyl,  terrazzo,  marble,  mosaic  and ceramic  tiles  and  most  other  hard  floor  surfaces,  where  polymer  floor  finishes  have been laid.

Special Features
>> No offensive odour when stripping is being done.
>> Detergent base classified as biodegradable.
>> Excellent with hot or cold water.

Directions for Use
>> Dilution  rate  depends  on  finish  build-up  to  be  removed.  For  hard  water,heating before mixing with product is recommended.
>> Heavy build-up - dilute 1:4
>> Normal build-up - dilute 1:8
>> Test on isolated floor area to ensure no adverse effect occurs.
>> Spread  solution  on  floor;  allow  about  5-10  mins  to  react.  For  heavy  build-up,  allow 15-20mins  reaction  time.  Scrub  using  a  rotary  machine  with  black  pad  for  total stripping,  or  green  pad  for  surface  stripping.    Do  not  use  machine  agitation  for  wood floors, just mop.  Vacuum up the residue with a wet/dry cleaner.
>> Mop  and  rinse  thoroughly  to  remove  all  residues.  Allow  complete  drying  before applying a good sealer or finish such as PREMIUM SHIELD or SUPER COATING

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. If ingested, dilute by drinking  water  and  seek  medical  help.  If  product  enters  eyes,  flush  with  water  and seek medical help.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

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