Product Description
A  powerful  acidic  cleaner,ACTION  100S effectively  removes  scale  and  ruststains  from  mosaic  and  concrete  surfaces.Despite  its  strong  acid  cleaning properties,  when  used  properly,  special  corrosion  inhibitors  makes ACTION 100 S safe to clean metals, such as on urinal gutters.

Areas of Use
ACTION  100  S should be used on mosaic, cement, concrete and many metal surfaces for the one time removal of rust stains and scale.

Special Features
>> Optimum blend of acids and surfactants for maximum cleaning power
>> High viscosity for “clinging” effect allows for effective cleaning of vertical surfaces
>> Corrosion inhibiting properties makes it safe on most metals, except aluminium and magnesium
>> Concentrated for greater economy, dilutable for different applications

Directions for use
>> Dilute with cold water only.  Dilution rates may vary, general guidelines are:
>> Heavy scale - dilute 1:1
>> Medium scale / rust deposits - dilute 1:4
>> Light rust stains / oil deposits - dilute 1:8
>> Apply with mop, cloth or acid proof sprayer and allow reaction on surface for 1-2 minutes. Scrub briskly with nylon pad or stiff brush, then flush well with water.Cleaned  surface  should  be  maintained  regularly  with  an  alkaline  detergent such as EASY CLEAN or ACTION 130.

NOTE: Use ACTION 100 S for one time use on severe build-up, and not as  a  regular  cleaning  solution.  It  will  etch  marble,  terrazzo  and  certain other   surfaces. If  unsure about   suitability  of  product,   test   on   an inconspicuous area first.

This product is acidic. Avoid ingestion, inhalation, eye and skin contact.  Wearrubber  gloves,  protective  clothing  and  provide  adequate  ventilation  when handling.Flush  or  dilute  with  cold  water  if  contacted  in  any  way,  and  seek medical help if ingested, inhaled or contacted with eye.

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