FaST® Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology


>> Tennant’s FaST® Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology provides clean, dry floors in minutes to reduce room or hallway closure times.

>> FaST foam uses 90% less cleaning solution and 70% less water than traditional floor-scrubbing methods.

>> Improves floor safety by removing old, slippery detergent residue, and increasing floor traction, as certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

>> Reduce environmental impact with FaST’s Neutral and Heavy-Duty cleaning solutions that are Green Seal (GS-37) certified.

>> Tennant’s FaST Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology in action.

>> Continuously scrub up to 3-4 times longer without refills for greater productivity.

>> Scrub up to 1 million ft2 / 93,000 m2 with one FaST-PAK® cartridge, the equivalent of 20 gal / 76 L of conventional detergent.

>> FaST-equipped machines automatically mix chemical and water, then inject air to create an effective, fail-safe foam solution every time.

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