Product Description  
POWER  SPOTTER   contains  several  types  of  solvents  to  clean  a  wide  range  of  stains  from  carpets.  It  also  leaves  a  protective  coating  on  the  carpet  or  upholstery fibre to counter future stains and re-soiling.

Areas of Use
POWER  SPOTTER  is  ideal  for  use  on  carpets,  rugs,  upholstery  and  most  other areas where fabric is used.

Special Features
>> Safe  to  use  on  wool,  nylon,  synthetic  and  many  other  fibres,  but  should  not  be used on velvet or silk.
>> Contains powerful cleaning solvents that break down deep and difficult stains.
>> Long lasting soil repellent coating for ease of removal of stains and soils on next cleaning.

Directions of Use
Pre-treat  deep,  prominent  or  stubborn  stai ns  on  carpet,  upholstery  and  fabric.This is to prevent stain from being permanently fixed by rotary shampoo or spray extraction cleaning process.

>> Spray or dab POWER SPOTTER to the stained area.
>>  Using a soft brush or clean cloth, wipe or brush the stain from the outward part to the centre of the stain. This will avoid spreading the stain.
>> Wipe the residue off the stain.
>> Make second application if necessary before submitting fabric to general cleaning.

As  with  most  chemical  product,  avoid  ingestion  and  eye  contact.  Wash  hands thoroughly after use.

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