Product Description
MK2 Crystallization Solution chemically reacts with the natural stone surfaces to create a new crystallized layer to protect the tiles. Durable and scratch-resistant after initial crystallization, the brilliant layer seals and protects the surface against external agents and provides a non-slippery shine. MK2 can also be used for maintenance of shine on previously crystallized floors.

Areas of Use
For marble, terrazzo and other calcium containing stone surfaces only.

Special Features
>> Easy use-as-is formula, no pre-mixing necessary.
>> Works with standard equipment.
>> Cost effective with excellent coverage at approx 50m2/lt.
>> Can be used on its own for previously crystallized floors.

Directions for Use
>> Area to be restored should be totally free of wax, coating, sealant, dirt and thoroughly dry.
>> Protect all acid-sensitive areas such as metallic, aluminum, wood, ceramic and thermoplastic surfaces with coverings such as plastic tapes.
>> Shake container before using. Do not mix or dilute it with other products.
>> Apply a small quantity of MK2 on the floor (40ml per 2m2).
>> Spread it with a floor machine fitted with “O” grade steel wool pad (fine). Run the machine over the chemical many times as necessary until the surface is dry and desired shine level is achieved.
>> Proceed with application of MK3 Maintenance Crystallizer to reinforce the crystallized layer and preserve the shine.
>> For optimal results, use a heavy duty rotary machine (at least 50kg and 140-150rpm).
>> For maintenance on previously crystallized floor, use MK2 and MK3 directly without any
other previous procedures except the regular cleaning of surfaces to be treated.

Note: Always test in inconspicuous area prior to use.

This product is corrosive. Avoid ingestion, inhalation, eye and skin contact. Flush or dilute with cold water if contacted in any way, and seek medical help if ingested, inhaled or contacted with eye.

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