Product Description
KLEN SOUR is a perfectly formulated concentrated sour neutralizer which is blended with a strong and safe to use souring agent with anti – chlor property to remove all chlorine residues that may cause damage to the laundry and also corrosion to the mangle rollers. It has a high affinity for alkaline materials thereby avoiding the  problem of staining due to consequent delays in the laundry operation.

>> Chlorine and alkali affinity.
>> Minimize yellowing in laundry due to iron deposition.
>> Saving time and labour with very positive results.
>> Pleasant after wash fragrance.

Chemical Composition
>> Souring agent
>> Builders
>> Perfume

Directions for Use
>> Add KLEN SOUR during the last rinsing cycle according to the Dosageguidelines given.
>> Running time is usually between 4 to 8 minutes.
>> Low water level is advised.

1 – 2 g/kg of dry wash

Store in a cool and dry area away from any alkaline-based materials. Containers of unused product must be kept closed at all times.

Corrosive material. As with all chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. When handling product, normal work clothing covering arms and legs should be worn.

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