KLEN 1702


Product Description
KLEN 1702 is a safe,non-corrosive,non toxic emulsifier for use in cleaning maintenance of all exterior surfaces of transportation vehicles.Its emulsifying action lifts and holds soil in suspension prevents redeposition of greasy soil,making cleaning maintenance quick and effective through spontaneous emulsion.KLEN 1702 assures free rinsing of all soils and eliminates costly repair or replacement arts.

Areas of Use
Emulsify,loosen and float away dirt, oil,grease,atmospheric salt,dust grime,exhaust fume and motor oil,found on exterior surfaces of public transport,bus,lorry,goods,transportation vehicle,container,aircraft etc.

Special Features
>> Safe-KLEN 1702 will not harm aluminium,steel,plastic,rubber,plexiglass or any surface coating.
>> Contains no harsh fumes- KLEN 1702 emits no fumes or harsh odours.
>> Non redeposition- Strong emulsion guarantees non-redeposition of greasy,dirty soil during wash cycles.
>> Prolongs automatic washing apparatus-KLEN 1702 reduces scale,lime build-up in automatic washing apparatus.Reduces costly repairs or replacement of expensive machinery.

Directions for Use
>> Dilute KLEN 1702 upto 20 parts water,depending on soil load.
>> Mop,spray wipe,pressure pump sprat method are equally effective.
>> Apply diluted KLEN 1702 directly onto surface that needs cleaning.Rinse away emulsified dirty soil with water.

Avoid using on surface of 48.9°C and splashing into eyes or swallowing it.Rinse thoroughly with water,equipment or prolonged skin area in contact with KLEN 1702.

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