Tennant L2


Tennant’s L2 Walk Behind Scrubber provides a cleaning experience that is simple to operate, and safe for users, customers, and your facility.

Features and Benefits

Tennant’s L2 Walk Behind Scrubber provides a safe and simple cleaning experience with a machine that is easy to use and maintain:
>> Improve safety with Tennant’s parabolic squeegee design, ensuring excellent water recovery.
>> Decrease damage to walls and shelving with clear sight lines, ensuring operator visibility.
>> Simplify maintenance needs easy to access internal components and squeegee and pad changes that don’t require tools.

Key machine features of the L2 Walk Behind Scrubber:
>> Ametek vacuum fan motor technology for quiet cleaning anytime.
>> 44 cm cleaning path for quick, efficient scrubbing.
>> 33 L and 39 L solution and recovery tank capacities for uninterrupted scrub time.


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