Duplex Steam 420


>> The Duplex 420 Steam washes and disinfects the floor with steam: it is especially suited for cleaning uneven surfaces, in grooves and gaps and for completely sanitising the floor.

>> Effective and extremely easy to use: steam is particularly good at cleaning fabric surfaces such as carpets and carpet tiles, since it does not wet the fabric and revitalises the fibres. On hard surfaces, it helps to remove greasy

>> Dirt and chewing gum without the need to use chemical products.

>> With its compact design, its brushes, tanks and centrally located motor are all laid out to make it perfectly balanced..

>> The Duplex 420 Steam has two standard tanks for use with detergent solutions (without steam).


Technical Specifications Duplex 420
Dimension (L x W x H) 43 x 43.5 x 110 cm
Height 240 mm
Weight empty 29 kg
Solution tank capacity 3 Lt
Recovery tank capacity 3.5 Lt
Steam jet width 330mm
Steam jet endurance 90 min
Brush diameter 100mm
Brush length 350mm
Motor single phase voltage 220/240 Volt
Motor wattage 1000 Watt
Insulation class
Boiler wattage 1500 Watt
Pump wattage 16 Watt
Boiler voltage 220/240 Volt
Frequency 50 Hz
Coverage 350 sq. mt./h