Duplex 340


3 in 1 Compact Design

The Duplex 340 is a compact commercial floor scrubber that is ideal for cleaning small to medium areas of hard floor or short pile carpets. Although the Duplex 340 floor scrubber is the smallest commercial floor scrubber in the Duplex range, the compact size makes it easy to transport, which has always made it popular with cleaning contractors.

With a Duplex 340 floors can be simultaneously scrubbed, rinsed and dried in a single pass. The unique offset brush and two way handle design also allows the Duplex 340 to clean right to the walls and into the corners. Better still the Duplex 340 compact floor scrubber is so simple to use and easy to operate.

Featured Benefits:

>> Cleans to the very edge
>> Dual water tanks
>> Steam penetrates deep into pores
>> Dual conveyor belt & brush pick-up
>> Adjustable height
>> Fingertip control


Technical Specifications
Dimension (L X W X H) 43 x 35.5 x 110 cm
Weight empty 22 kg
Tank capacity 4,2 It
Recovery tank capacity 2,8 It
Brush diameter 100mm
Circular brush width 280mm
Electric induction motor
Tropicalized winding single-phase
Insulation class
Voltage 115| 220/240
Frequency Hz 60 | 50
Max power Watt 1100 | 900
Theoretical treatable surfaces 180 sq. mt./h