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Softbank Robotic Whiz


Whiz is an autonomous vacuum sweeper that’s completely reinventing commercial carpet cleaning. Using a trusted AI platform, it delivers a higher quality, more efficient clean – with proof of performance.


  • Easy Set-Up, Easy Use – User friendly, Whiz works right out of the box, so teams can start benefitting right away
  • Cover More Ground – Whiz learns all the routes your team needs – and cleans up to 1,500m² per charge
  • Real-Time Alerts – A notifi­cation pager alerts your team when Whiz is done – or if it needs a hand
  • Autonomous and Manual Modes – Whiz do the work, or take control when you need to
  • Safety and Performance – Whiz autonomously avoids people, glass walls, cliffs, and other hazards
  • Confirmed Clean – Whiz delivers robust cleaning performance data that can easily be shared with critical stakeholders.

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