VILEDA SPRAYPRO is the professional, ready-to-use floor cleaning system containing all you need for bucket free mopping. Just fill the handle with water and you have everything you need to clean hard flooring and staircases in one easy-to-use unit. It is ideal for use within General Building and HoReCa areas, where it works on all types of floors. As you control the water release onto the floor it can be used for wet, damp, and dry mopping.

Designed to work with all other mopping systems it easily adapts to your needs, whatever the cleaning task or on-site conditions. It is so easy to use that it requires no training. Simply fill the handle with water/solution, close the cap and you are ready to clean. To add more water to the floor just pull the trigger and continue mopping. This simplicity makes it ideal for use by professional and semi-professional cleaners.

SprayPro is a self-contained unit so there is no need for time consuming wringing of mops or filling and emptying heavy buckets with water. Also, its small size makes it ideal where lack of storage space is an issue.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of mop pads available for use with SprayPro. From the high performance of Trio and MicroSpeed Plus to the economy of Contract, B-Xpress and MicroLite, we have a mop that meets your requirements in terms of application, performance, or budgets.